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Champions League

18 August 2004

It's time to sign up for the first Regular Season of the Champions League. Whether your team has qualified for advancement or you are applying now as a new team, send your team entry to ICCF-US. A Prize Fund of approximately $5000US will be divided among the top teams in each league, the best new players, and for the best game.

The ICCF Champions League is a continuous Email Team Tournament. It is played in seasons and comprises several divisions with promotion and relegation. All games are ICCF rated. Depending on the final number of teams in each League, each player would normally play 10 games. A Qualification season started in 2002. Teams in that season have been divided into 4 Leagues with "A" being the highest. Top scoring teams will move up a league in the following season and the lowest scoring teams will move down

This season only, there will be a "Fast Track" open to any returning team or new team (see also FAQ 31) who wishes to enter here. The maximum number of Fast Track teams accepted for the 2004-2006 season is 44. If there are more than 44 team requests, only the teams with the highest average ratings will be included in the Fast Track. The rest of the teams will be included as follows:

  • returning teams will play in the leagues they qualified for.
  • new teams will play in League D.

Your 4 player team may consist of players from 1 or more countries. A player can play only for one team in a season. Players should be members of an ICCF national federation member - USA players should belong to APCT, CCLA, or USCF. The team must choose a name and a Captain, preferably one familiar with ICCF email rules.

Entries are due by 15 September 2004. Fee for teams entering through ICCF-US is $50 per team. The start date is 1 November 2004. You must include Team name, Captain name, players' names, their countries and their email address with the entry fee. The Team Captain is responsible for collecting the money and sending in the entry form.

Details in FAQ at: http://tables.iccf.com/email/ChLeague/2004/season1faq.htm

Entry from at: http://tables.iccf.com/email/ChLeague/season1form.htm

Rules and information about ICCF at www.iccf.com

ICCF-US form with payment instructions at: www.iccfus.com Store.

World Cup XIV

The ICCF World Cup is an Open tournament played in 3 stages. Preliminary rounds will be 9-11 players. Winners qualify for the Semifinal stage. Semifinal advancement to Final is based on overall number of entries. The winners of the Final will split a Prize Fund of approximately 2000 SwF. Winners will receive a qualification to the ICCF World Championship based on performance. Entry fee is $25.

Details at: http://www.iccf.com/cgi-local/newspro/fullnews.cgi?newsid1089951664,73863,

ICCF-US form with payment instructions at: www.iccfus.com Store.

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Direct Entry is available for players new to ICCF.

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