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USA Team Qualifies for Olympiad XIII Final Round

15 July 2004

ICCF-US has received notice from Roald Bertelsen, Tournament Director of the Olympiad XIII, that the US Preliminary Team has qualified for the Final Round. J. Daniel Finkelstein, Title Tournament Office Commissioner, has just released the Announcement regarding the start of the Final.

Olympiad XIII started 30 May 1998 by post. After 6 years of extremely hard work and patience, our team has taken second place in its section. The top 2 teams in each section advance to the Final Round. The Olympiad is the premier ICCF team event. 49 countries submitted 6 player teams that were divided into 4 sections. The USA was in Section 4 which had 13 teams. Our players had to play 12 games each whereas teams in the other section played 11 games.

Russia was strong from the start and took first place in Section 4 with 50 points. France completed its games about 2 years ago and earned 48 points. On 30 January 2003, the US team had 44.5 points with 7 games remaining. We knew that we had to score more points than France and the other second place contenders, because we would lose all tie-breaks. Every game was crucial. Games with Russia, Yugoslavia, and Hungary were painfully slow.

Our team's players are GM Joseph M. DeMauro, SIM Jon Edwards, SIM Gary L. Kubach, IM William E. Maillard, GM-elect John C. Timm, and SIM Daniel M. Fleetwood. Alex Dunne is our superb Olympiad Team Captain. John Timm assisted as Acting Team Captain when needed. He also served as best cheerleader and top scorer. He had a very impressive score of 10.5/12 on his board finishing a full point ahead of the second place players. Our heartiest congratulations go to all of our team players for all their efforts.

This is only the third time that the USA has qualified for the Olympiad Final Round. We currently have a team playing in the Final Round of Olympiad XIV. Olympiad XIV is the first Olympiad to be played by email.

The Final Round of Olympiad XIII will start 1 November 2004. The Qualifying Teams are from the Final of the 12th Olympiad: Germany, Lithuania, Latvia; and from the preliminaries of the 13th Olympiad, Section 1: Czech Republic, Brazil, Section 2: Luxembourg, Poland, Section 3: Slovakia, Austria, and Section 4: Russia, USA.

The Final will be played by post with the option of converting to email. Roald Bertelsen will remain as Tournament Director.

Amici Sumus,
Max Zavanelli
ICCF-US Secretary


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