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Eventually, crosstables for all major finished ICCF-U.S. and NAPZ events will be archived at this site. Many crosstables have already been created here, but some links below are temporarily to pages at other web sites, and, for completeness, links are provided to other sites for events that have not yet finished. If you notice any errors or omissions on this page or the referenced crosstable pages, please notify the Archivist. Also, scans of USCCC documents are being added as they become available to document the history of the US Correspondence Chess Championship (USCCC).
North American Invitational
CC Championship (NAICCC)


APTB/NAPZ Championship

NAPZ Email Championship

Pacific Area Team Tournament (PATT)

NAPZ Invitational Tournaments
1st NAPZ Email Invitational
1st Anglo-Pacific Invitational 1985

Anglo-Pacific (AP) / North American
Pacific Zone (NAPZ) Tournaments
Master Class Sections
APM-1 to APM-28
APM-29 to APM-35
APM-36 to APM-53
APM-54 to 56/NAPZ-57 - ... 
United States Correspondence
Chess Championships (USCCC)

Scans of USCCC Documents
(updated 27-April-2006)

USCCC Semi-Final Sections

USCCC Finals
Introduction to USCCC Finals

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