Congress Report


Congress began in the usual manner with greetings, a moment of silence for those players who were lost in the last year, including our 2 Canadian friends. André DeVriendt and William Roach.  We were entertained in the traditional early Spanish or Phoenician style.


A special award was given to Gian-Maria Tani for 30 years service. Bertel von Massow awards were given for 15 and 10 years service, including one to yours truly.


The elections were held for the new Executive Board positions, Med Samraoui, Pedro Hegoburo, Hans-Jügen Isigkeit, and Frank Geider, were all reelected. Note that Pedro is now “General Secretary,” rather than “Membership and Services Director.” Michael Blake and Gino Figlio filled the new positions, Marketing Director and Services Director, respectively.


Congress then started with the real work, the Finance Report and the Auditor's report. Details will be in the Congress Minutes. Henk Sarink stated he wished to retire as Auditor, Carlos Flores G was asked to be the next Auditor.


Sunday afternoon was used as a Working Group or Committee as the whole.


World Final problem: Hours were spent on discussing the next World Final. It was felt that last year's decision was not workable. Also, neither software for Silli system nor Rules for nodes were ready. 36 of 70+ qualifiers had accepted the questionnaire sent by Marco, but this announcement did not include all the facts needed. There was no agreement on "big final," no agreement on starting multiple finals, no agreement on Silli nor round robin. Finally voted for round robin for all WC's. The plan to start 2 sections on server in 2008, and announce that another will be started with nodes when Rules are developed.


Whenever we discussed the World Championship, GM Annemarie Burghoff, (GER) asked about the Ladies Championship. All qualifiers were by post or email, why should they be told to use webserver?


A report was made on the progress concerning the Diamond book, the 60th Anniversary book. 


Fritz Baumbach reported on the "Champion of Champions book." This started with the Champion's Jubilee section and has been expanded to include all current champions. USA's GM Robin Smith helped on this. Fritz brought a draft for us to review. It looks like an excellent book. ICCF will help distribute this when it is ready.


The Tuesday morning Title Awards ceremony is always one of the Congress highlights. It was my honor and pleasure to pick up titles for our Zone. Two Japanese players received their GM title: Sakae Ohtake and Kiyotaka Sakai. Jocelyn Cote, Canada, received the IM and SIM titles. The new USA delegate, Corky Schakel, picked up the titles for the USA players, a GM for Jason Bokar, SIM’s for Jon Ostriker and Keith Rodriguez, and IM’s for Dan Perry and David Myers. Pictures from the title ceremonies and other Congress events are already at various websites. Congratulations to all!


Money Prize tournaments were approved at least on a provisional basis. These will be 9 player tournaments, rated with norms available. This will be under the NTTC probably. Unrated players will be given a default of 2200. Play will be at 10/30.


The schools prototype will start on Oct. 29, 2007. The first tournament will be for schools in the northern hemisphere. The TD will be Andrew Dearnley of England.


WTD Report: 3rd Webchess Open-approved. CL-Working group formed with Figlio, Demian, Millstone, Rawlings, and possibly Bielecki. Approvals were given to the Czech Republic to run a Veteran's >60 World Cup and to England for a Junior <20 World Cup.


Congress approved the continuation thru 2008 of the 1 free tournament of up to 105 games to each NF.


It was agreed to discontinue GMN's by post. Invitationals and other events were approved.


Zonal Reports - Afro-Asia Zone is very active and growing in spite of the inconvenience and cost of playing thru Internet cafes. The zone is in need of books and chessboards. Contact Ole Jacobsen if you can donate chess materials. EU has an active program. CADAP has started several Invitationals and events.


Our Zone has had almost no activity other than to find players for some team events. I hope that the next Zonal Director is able to stimulate interest in Zonal events.


Playing Rules - Congress showed positive interest in the doubling of days suggestion. As this is not a "Rules" Congress, and the time needed to program the server hasn't been allocated or determined, it was decided not to pass this change at this Congress.


A "Working Group" is to be formed to consider all forms of CC at fast play and to report to the next Congress.


Regarding time control issues, we must also decide on whether faster tournaments should be rated. The idea must be coordinated with the Tournament Rules and TD/Arbiter manual.  A minimum number of days is required to have a tournament rated. Do NF's want their electronic tournaments rated at speeds less than 30? This 30 day minimum was passed. For post, OK’d for 10 in 20.


The Rules Comm. was asked to report in the future on all topics discussed by the Comm. and not just the ones that they decide to recommend for approval. For example, some players have suggested that leave be based from tournament start date rather than calendar basis. The Comm. had rejected this because a player should take leave in all games at same time.


Tournament Rules-Suggestion to amend 1.0.7 was passed regarding the use of certain qualifications being only used once per year.


The proposal regarding deferrals of WC F qualifications was withdrawn due to this week's discussions of the WC F problems.


The "overscore" exception was deferred until next Congress, as the QC had not been included in the discussion process. Both Eric Ruch and Prior QC, George Pyrich, said their initial impression was that they would be against it.


Ratings Rules-changes relate to Webserver. The Ratings Rules have not changed since they were developed 20 years ago.  These will be considered in the next year. Webserver makes it possible to produce 4 lists per year in the future.


Some NF's want to discontinue their own systems and use ICCF's-should this be allowed. Yes. RC will determine details as needed.


Alan Rawlings will Chair Other Rules. John Knudsen is also on that Commission.


Remuneration idea as proposed by Josef M. was adopted.


The ACO had not made a report. This Committee needs new instructions from the EB to meet the goals set in Angostura. Anyone interested in polishing up the manual and seeing that its provisions are carried out should apply to help. See the 2005 Minutes on the Arbiter Committee.


The EB met on Tuesday to come up with a contingency plan to cover the unforeseen absence of Med Samraoui. As we still by Wednesday afternoon, did not have any update on the President's situation, it was proposed under the Statutes that Mr. Pyrich as DP&DD deputize as President until year end and after, or until we hear from Mr. Samraoui. Should we find out that Mr. Samraoui must or does resign, permission was requested for Mr. Pyrich to continue deputizing past year-end, then an email election would be held per the Statutes and Election Regulations. Approved unanimously.


The next Congress will be in Bulgaria from 20-26 Sept 2008. The delegate gave an excellent presentation. The location will be Pleven, All should attend!


You will be notified by Pedro Hegoburo regarding the election for the NAPZ Director shortly. I have been happy to serve you in this position for the last 4 years, but if is now time for someone new.



Ruth Ann Fay

NAPZ Director