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December 4, 2008

4th NAPZ Championship : The Stories Behind the Event

We owe thanks to IA J. Franklin Campbell for this fine contribution to ICCF-US. Read the story behind the 4th North American Pacific Zone Champoinship (NAPZ-4). Franklin originally created this page for "Amici", the ICCF-US ezine, but "Amici" has "suffered through various difficulties and delays" (as Franklin put it) causing the story not to get published. We are the fortunate benefactors of "Amici"'s problems as Franklin has allowed ICCF-US to include it here.

Enjoy a good read!

December 1, 2008

16th USCCC Final Completed
USA Co-Champions Lawrence Coplin and Thomas Biedermann!

Sunday, the final game of the 16th USCCC Final finished, completing play in this event.

David Smith ½ David White

Congratulations to the new USA co-champions Lawrence Coplin and Thomas Biedermann, who finished with identical +5, -1, =6 records for final scores of 8-4.

This was an incredibly close event with three players finishing with 7.5 points and three more at 7.0 points.  8 of the 13 players therefore finished within one point of each other.

Tied for 3-5th places (with 7.5-4.5): David White, Corky Schakel and Daniel Horwitz.

Tied for 6-8th places (with 7-5): Don Eilmes, David Sogin and James Brailsford.

13 players competed in this all-play-all event (single round robin), playing 78 games in total (35 decisive, 43 drawn).  Only one player finished undefeated (David White) while five players suffered a single loss.  This event was played on the ICCF server with an official start date of October 15, 2007.  The final game finished on November 30, 2008, so the event lasted 13.5 months.  The ICCF-US archives have been updated with the games from this event  (or click USCCC Game Archives in the menu on the left at any time to see all of the USCCC games).

For a complete crosstable go to: iccf-webchess.com .

J. Franklin Campbell, ICCF-US Games and Crosstables Archivist

December 1, 2008

Rapid Play (10/20) and Blitz (10/10) Tournaments

ICCF is very pleased to offer two new and exciting unrated tournaments for correspondence chess players. These new tournaments will be played on the ICCF Web-Server and provide faster rates of play that allow tournaments to finish in a shorter period. The use of ‘conditional’ moves is allowed for these events. The ICCF Congress at Pleven, Bulgaria (2008) has approved the organisation of Rapid (10/20) and Blitz (10/10) correspondence chess tournaments. These tournaments will be reviewed by the 2009 ICCF Congress.

Note: The above is part of the description of these new events posted on www.iccf-webchess.com . Entry is $15 through ICCF-US, a little less via direct entry. See New events on the webserver page. ICCF Congress 2009 will review the success of these events, and decide if future Rapid and Blitz events will be rated, or possibly a separate rating system will be established.

Corky Schakel, ICCF-US Secretary

November 7, 2008


ICCF-US has signed up as an affiliate of House of Staunton. What does that mean?

It means that when you buy your chess supplies from House of Staunton after clicking on our House of Staunton logo [to the left] that ICCF-US will get a referral bonus based on your purchase. Please click on the logo and look at The House Of Stauton products. If you like what you see, your purchaes will support ICCF-US. Christmas is just around the corner, so give a gift to your favorite chess player and help ICCF-US at the same time.

October 19, 2008

TOURNAMENT ANNOUNCENENT: Slovenia Open - 30/10 Server time control - Cash Prizes

Slovenia is organizing the international tournament to celebrate our 15 years Membership of ICCF. We would like to have at least one entry for player from every member country of ICCF. So I am inviting you and your federation to consider to enter players in our tournament.

The official announcement could be found at:


I would like to remind you, that the deadline for entries is 31st of October.


Best regards
Danilo Korže, President of Slovenian Correspondence Chess Council

Editor's Note: Note that 2350+ players may enter at the semifinals if they do not wish to risk points in the prelim.

October 10, 2008

The 61st ICCF Congress in Pleven, Bulgaria

The recently concluded 61st ICCF Congress in Pleven, Bulgaria approved a number of changes that will be welcomed by USA players in ICCF events. The highlight of the Congress for me was receiving medals and certificates for our new title holders: GM Dan Fleetwood, SIM and IM Michael Proof, SIM Ted Brandhorst, and IM Keith Holzmueller. The Congress also approved Leeds, England for the 62nd ICCF Congress next September. Anyone receiving a title is welcome to attend, and receive their certificate and medal in person.

There were several changes in rules, and new events approved and announced. A link to the minutes is at www.iccf.com. World Cup 17 will start March 2009, all games on the webserver. A change for Provisional ratings was approved, to allow the Provisional rating to be set somewhere close to an established club rating, instead of by event type. This will certainly help us organize Friendly Matches, which were set at 1800P. New Rapid (10/20) and Blitz (10/10) events were approved as a one year experiment, with the format the same as Money Prize Tournaments, but prize money to be credit for future entries. A new Interzonal tournament is expected to be started by the end of 2008. Veterans World Cups will be started every two years. A small change in rules to discourage slow play in lost games was approved: time doubles after twenty days on one move (server) and after twelve days (post). Rating changes will now be calculated with a maximum difference of 350, as is done in FIDE. The previous 600+ limit discouraged higher rating players from competing with lower rated opponents.

New Executive Board members are Eric Ruch (France) as Marketing Director and Søren Perschardt (Denmark) as Finance Director. These are strong additions to the ICCF leadership team, and it was a pleasure for me to visit with not only these two, but many of the others who participated in the Congress, as well as Michael Millstone, the other American attending and ICCF's Direct Entry Commissioner. The future looks very good for ICCF.

Corky Schakel,
ICCF-US Secretary

September 28, 2008

Friendly Matches with Romania and Scotland   F I L L E D !!    Thanks for the response

Romania and Scotland have asked to play friendly matches with ICCF-US. Participants would play a two game match against an opponent of comparable rating. Romania has about 30 players, and all games would be by server. Scotland proposes 15-20 games, with the first 15 by server, and possibly a few post games. Anyone who would like to play, please contact me at schakels@comcast.net. Note that a previous problem with provisional ratings was solved at the recent ICCF Congress: provisional ratings will now be set close to players' established ICCF or CCLA ratings.

If you are interested in being Team Captain for either of these events (or even better if you want to organize them!), let me know.

Corky Schakel,
ICCF-US Secretary

August 13, 2008


Dear chessfriends in all states and Federations!
We need your help!

To support the chess and correspondence chess in Africa the German Federation organizes a tournament for players all over the world. Every player has the right to announce himself to as many groups as he wants to. 9 players together build one group.

It is possible to play by server (ICCF), E-Mail or postal service. If possible every player will get opponents with nearly the same rating. It is guaranteed that each player will meet different opponents in different groups. We will try to create ladies groups if there are enough entries.

Everybody has the right to pay the amount of money that he wants to, but not less than 15,-- €. The whole money will be used to support the African chess and correspondence chess and will be given to “chess4all” under the Leadership of to Dr. Ole Jacobsen, Zonal Director Africa/Asia. The whole tournament will be rated by the ICCF. Norms are possible if the rating average will be high enough and enough players of different federations are playing. The winners will be given a present (books or souvenirs from West-Africa).

The tournament will start at the 20.09.2008. You should announce your entry to Mr. Hans-Jürgen Isigkeit, Arnold-Zweig-Strasse 70, D – 18435 Stralsund, Afrika@Fernschachbund.com or BdF@Isigkeit.net.

At the same time you are asked to send the fee to the following bank account: BdF, Commerzbank Uelzen, account: 5646500, bank code number: 258 400 48 or PayPal: bdf-paypal@gmx.de
Chessplayers from Africa can play for free!

Best regards,

Hans-Jürgen Isigkeit

Editor's Note:  I think Corky sums it up well... "The cause is good, although it seems like an odd event." So if you are looking for something different...

July 13, 2008 ... (Update 14 July - TC named)

ICCF-US Team Announced for Ladies Olympiad

The ICCF-US team has officially entered the Ladies Olympiad, with play scheduled to begin August 1. Roselie Estey, Janet Peterson, and Madge Smith, from the USA-Germany Friendly Match team, are joined by Nona Oldner, a junior player, just eleven years old. Janet has stepped up to fill the role of Team Captain... Thanks Janet. Good luck and good chess to our team!

Press release issued by Corky Schakel ICCF-US Secretary

July 13, 2008

Michael C. Proof is USA’s Newest IM and SIM

SIM Michael C. Proof
to enlarge

With his recent win in the ‘9th Pan American Team Championship’ vs. IM Carlos Sosa Patino (PER), Michael Proof has earned the ICCF Senior International Master Title (Mike had earned the IM Title only two weeks prior). With one game still remaining in that tournament, he has already clinched first place on Board 3, scoring 11.5/14 points and thereby exceeding the 11.0 point SIM Norm for a category IV tournament with 16 players. Mike had previously earned a SIM Norm in WS/MN/013, once again exceeding the SIM requirement of 10.0 points with a final overscore of 11.0.

He had been ‘playing under the radar’ until the Fall 2007 ICCF rating list was published with Mike first appearing in 33rd place (2436 rating) of all active USA players. It is quite possible that his performance in the Pan American will help the USA team to a medal as all 4 boards appear headed for plus scores.

Mike has been so kind as to annotate one of the games that helped earn his titles. Michael added, “This is a game against IM César Capablanca. He (César) told me he is the captain of the Cuban team and a cousin of the great José.” Judge for yourself whose style is more like the former World Champion. Also shown is the game (without annotations) which clinched the SIM Title for Michael. These tournament results and examples of his play are ample ‘Proof” that Michael is a force to be reckoned with in correspondence chess. – Q.E.D.


Press release issued by Bob Rizzo ICCF-US Titles Officer

June 28, 2008

11th NAICCC Officially Starts 1 July 2008

The 11th North American Invitational Correspondence Chess Championship (NAICCC) officially starts Tuesday, 1 July 2008. Special thanks to Canada (namely IA Ralph P. Marconi) for organising the event and once again directing it. The winner will advance to the WCCC Candidates round.

Of special interest is that Randal Andrews (USA) is in the field of participants. He played in the 3rd NAICCC and 4th NAICCC and did rather well in the 4th, tying for first place with IM John Wright, but Wright won it on the better tie-break score. Click on 4th NAICCC cross-table to see the results.   Another story of this NAICCC: IM David Myers is playing as well as concurrently playing in the 22nd World CC Championship Final .   It was rather surprising that he decided to take on another strong event while playing in a World CC Championship Final - but I'm not complaining.

You can follow the 11th NAICCC progress on the ICCF server cross-table with the start list extracted below:

Category 5SIM=10;IM=9;LGM=6;LM=3½
Ave. rating: 2362 Tournament Director: IA, Ralph P. Marconi
1 USA IMMiettinen, Kristo S.(2297)
2 CAN Verde, Pino(2311)
3 CAN IMDemian, Valer-Eugen(2420)
4 USA IMMyers, David R.(2416)
5 CAN Fichaud, Alan(2364)
6 CAN Labonte, Richard(2399)
7 USA Hill, Grayling V.(2397)
8 USA Wilson, Abe L.(2400 Provisional)
9 USA SMReinhart, Kenneth M.(2496)
10 USA Andrews , Randal(2400 Provisional)
11 CAN Hynes, Wayne(2452)
12 CAN IMMaurer, Serge(2366)
13 USA IMRodriguez, Keith A.(2435)
14 MEX IMGuizar, Dr. Clemente(2352)
15 USA IMSchakel, Corky(2325)

Reported by Ralph Marconi

Good luck and good chess to all the participants and thanks Ralph for giving us another strong North American tournament opportunity!

June 22, 2008


ICCF has officially opened entries for the 8th Ladies' Olympiad Preliminary round to begin 1 August 2008. This is a great opportunity to represent your country, meet other strong lady players from all around the world and maybe achieve a title norm! Competiton consists of the Preliminary round and a Finals round (if our team can qualify).

For details on the competiton see the ICCF announcement. If you are a US lady player ready for top flight competition please send your entry request to schakels@comcast.net.

August 1 is not far away, so send your entry now.

June 16, 2008 (with minor corrections on June 22, photo added July 7)

Dan Fleetwood is USA ’s Newest Correspondence GM

GM Dr. Dan Fleetwood
 the big picture

Bob Rizzo has issued the following press release:

With his victory against Poland’s SM Maciej Jedrzejowski, Dr. Daniel M. Fleetwood of Brentwood, Tennessee, has become the eighth US Correspondence Chess GrandMaster. Dan’s Medal and Title Certificate will be issued at the upcoming ICCF Congress in Pleven, Bulgaria, in September. Dan’s two GM norms were earned in the ICCF Olympiad 14 Final on board 3 and the ICCF Olympiad 15 Final on board 1.

A few glimpses into his chess talents were offered early on when he captured the ACUI Midwest regional Collegiate Chess Championship in 1981 and then the USCF’s premier correspondence tournament, the 1993 Absolute Championship. Success is no stranger to Dan who has not only excelled in chess but at virtually every pursuit he has attempted. He is not only an engineer, a scientist, and an accomplished teacher and academic administrator at Vanderbilt University, but also an inventor, a lyricist, an author, a musician, and an athlete – truly a “Master of All Trades.” His technical papers are too numerous to mention and his honors fill up several pages. In 2007, he was named a distinguished alumnus of the Purdue University School of Science. Given his work schedule and family responsibilities (he and his wife Betsy have three sons, ages 22, 18, and 15), one wonders how he ever found time to play, no less study chess.

Dan claims that nothing is easy in correspondence chess – a rather telling statement from someone who makes a living by solving difficult electrical engineering problems! But judging from his results perhaps he is just being modest. The gamescore that clinched his GM title appears below. Dan’s most impressive curriculum vitae can be found at the following link:


ICCF CCO15/F (Board 1)

SM Fleetwood, Daniel M. (2565) United States

SM Jedrzejowski, Maciej (2502) Poland

1.e4 c5 2.Nf3 d6 3.d4 cxd4 4.Nxd4 Nf6 5.Nc3 a6 6.Be3 e5 7.Nb3 Be6 8.f3 Nbd7 9.Qd2 Be7 10.g4 O-O 11.O-O-O b5 12.g5 b4 13.Ne2 Ne8 14.f4 a5 15.f5 a4 16.Nbd4 exd4 17.Nxd4 b3 18.Kb1 bxc2+ 19.Nxc2 Bb3 20.axb3 axb3 21.Na3 Ne5 22.h4 Ra4 23.Qg2 Qa8 24.f6 Bxf6 25.gxf6 Nxf6 26.Bb5 Rb4 27.Bd3 h5 28.Bh6 Nfg4 29.Bf4 Ra4 30.Bxe5 dxe5 31.Rc1 Rd8 32.Rh3 Nf6 33.Re3 Rad4 34.Qf3 Ng4 35.Rc7 Rf8 36.Re2 Nf6 37.Rc3 Rb8 38.Kc1 Kf8 39.Bc4 Rxe4 40.Bxb3 Rxe2 41.Qxe2 Qh1+ 42.Qd1 Qxd1+ 43.Bxd1 Nd5 44.Rb3 Rc8+ 45.Kd2 g6 46.Rb7 Rd8 47.Bb3 Ne7+ 48.Kc3 Rd4 49.Nc4 Nd5+ 50.Kc2 f6 51.Na5 Ne3+ 52.Kc3 Nd1+ 53.Bxd1 Rxd1 54.b4 e4 55.Nc4 Rd3+ 56.Kc2 Rd4 57.Ne3 f5 58.Ng2 e3 59.Kc3 Re4 60.Rc7 f4 61.Ne1 Re5 62.Rc4 Rf5 63.Nf3 Ke7 64.Rd4 Ke6 65.Kd3 Ke7 66.Ke2 Ke6 67.Ng5+ Ke5 68.Rc4 Rf8 69.Kf3 Kd5 70.Re4 Rf6 71.Nh3 Rf5 72.Nxf4+ Kd6 73.Re6+ Kd7 74.Rxg6 e2 75.Rg1 Kc6 76.Ke4 Rb5 77.Rc1+ Kd6 78.Nd3 Rb7 79.Kf3 Re7 80.Re1 1-0

April 29, 2008 (Updated 22 June -- Correction Anthony Kain not Cain -- Sorry Tony!)

Announcing -- ICCF 1st JUNIOR WORLD CUP

ICCF announces the 1st Junior World Cup intended to promote correspondence chess in young players. It will be played on the ICCF webserver in two stages: Preliminary and Final and is open to anyone born after June 30th, 1988 regardless of ICCF membership status.

The top four players in the Final will receive money prizes. Players may register immediately via their National Federation or by using the online Direct Entry method. Registration closes at midnight GMT on June 20, 2008.

Two ICCF-US players (Anthony Kain and Cian Wingo) are among the early entries to the Junior World Cup.

For more details see the official announcement on the ICCF website.

April 6, 2008

Wanted: One Player for a Two Game Friendly Match with Scotland, 1800-2000 Fixed ICCF Rating

Scotland vs. The World 30th Anniversary of Scottish CCA will have four Americans participating, and we need one more player with a fixed ICCF rating of 1800-2000 to play by post. Please send your entry request to schakels@comcast.net.

April 3, 2008

April Game of the Month Annotated by GM Dr. Jason Bokar

As promised in March, we present the April Game of the Month with superb annotations by GM Dr. Jason Bokar. The game is a Dutch Stonewall win by ICCF-US Secretary and IM Corky Schakel over a strong Russian opponent.


April 3, 2008


    -One free entry to new-to-ICCF players-

ICCF has just announced the 3rd ICCF Webchess Open Tournament, with details available under "New events" at www.iccf-webchess (or click http://www.iccf-webchess.com/Message.aspx?message=210 ). This is an open-to-all event with seven player sections; the first of three rounds starts in mid-May. Players who are new to ICCF will be allowed one free entry to introduce themselves to server play. Multiple entries are allowed, at $25 each, a bit less via Direct Entry.

March 23, 2008

Wanted: Chess Clocks for Cuba

SIM Pablo Salcedo Mederos, my Museum Match partner and long time friend of ICCF-US, has started a chess club at his university in Cuba. They need about twenty chess clocks. If anyone has an unused chess clock they would like to donate, please contact me at schakels@comcast.net.

Corky Schakel, ICCF-US Secretary

March 23, 2008


Last minute entries allowed us to kick off with nine sections! Thanks for your response.

March 9, 2008

Ted Brandhorst is USA's Newest SIM

SIM Ted Brandhost
 to enlarge

The ICCF-US office is pleased to announce that Ted Brandhorst (USA) has earned the title of Senior International Master as officially confirmed by ICCF Titles Commssioner, Eric Ruch. This is the second of what we hope will be many more medals that the USA will be awarded at the Pleven, Bulgaria Congress to be held in September. Ted’s SIM title was earned as the result of Norms earned in the ‘Chessfriends Rochade 5171 - 15 Years’ and the ‘10th North American Invitational CC’ tournaments.

Ted represented the USA team as board 4 in the Rochade event where he scored 8 points. Board 4 was rated 2467 (Category IX) and included 2 GMs as well as 7 SIMs in the field of 15 players. Ted made the SIM standard while earning a performance rating of 2528 and finishing tied for 4th. Ted clinched the norm with his result against Germany’s SIM Thomas Cuno on Halloween, October 31, 2006.

In the Category VII (rated 2417) NAICCC tournament Ted scored 9 points which exceeded the 8 required for the SIM title, missing a GM norm by a mere ½ point. Ted won this tournament with a stratospheric 2617 performance rating. Ted scored his 8th point (title clinching point) against Canada’s IM Valer-Eugene Demian on Christmas Day! It looks like Ted does not take off on Holidays! Congratulations to the USA’s latest SIM.

Reported by Bob Rizzo

March 4, 2008

New Feature -- Game of the Month

In the menu to the left you will see a new item -- "Game of the Month". Just to get the ball rolling I have started with light annotations on one of my own games. But I promise you better games and better annotation in the coming months as the USAs newest ICCF GM Dr. Jason Bokar has volunteered to annotate for us!

I will also accept your most interesting annotated games from our other readers for consideration for publishing in this new feature. Don't be shy -- send your best efforts. I will also accept your best games unannotated and pass them on to Jason for possible annotation by a GM.

March 1, 2008


ICCF-US Secretary Corky Schakel has informed me that 54 entries for the 2nd USCCC via webserver have been received! (Unfortunately not enough Postal entries came in to hold the 18th USCCC by post). We still need two more webserver entries to fill out the eighth seven-player section so Corky can get the assignments out this month. If you have ever considered playing in the U.S Championships, or just want want some good games against strong players, we need your entry now. See tournament and entry details in February 1st announcement below.

February 15, 2008


Note: E N T R Y    D E A D L I N E    E X T E N D E D    T O    M A R C H    1st
Last chance to get those entries in!
Champion with Trophy
 to enlarge
and see other photos

9 February 2008: USCCC Champion IM David Myers With His Trophy

There's more to being USCCC champion than just the title. The perquisites as the winner include:

  • You too will get your story on the web (see October 22 article below)
  • The Trophy - a pretty impressive piece of hardware for your trophy case (and if you don't have a trophy case, the USCCC Championship trophy will be worth building one for)
  • Certainly not the least impressive prize is that you earn an entry into the ICCF World Championship tournament
  • USCCC Webserver Trophy
    The Trophy

    I hope these pictures will whet your appetite to vie for the titles of 2nd Webserver US Correspondence Champion or 19th Postal US Correspondence Champion (if we get enough postal entries). See the announcement below and if you are rated over 2000 and didn't get an email from ICCF-US inviting you, please email ICCF-US or the webmaster with an updated email address. (Qualified players not receiving an invitation may mean that we have a bad email address on file for you.)

    Remember, you don't have to have the highest rating to win, David wasn't the top rated player last year.

    February 1, 2008


    The deadline date for upcoming U.S. Correspondence Chess Championships is fast approaching. Get your entries in now!

    18th Postal Entries due Feb. 15, 2008
    2nd Server Entries due Feb. 15, 2008

    All CCLA and USCF members
    with correspondence ratings over 2000 or OTB over 2100
    Preliminary round sections: 7 players, balanced by rating. Winners advance. Final round
    includes designated champions from USCF and CCLA and former USCCC Champions.


    Details at www.iccfus.com/ne040210.htm
    Or for order form to write to:

    16052 Quality Ct. S.
    Lakeland MN 55043

    Entries due Feb. 15, 2008
    Calendar March 1st 2008 as the start date!

    February 1, 2008

    USA Women Take on Germany in a Friendly Match

    Germany challenged ICCF-US to a Women's Friendly Match, with a Scheveningen System format (each of the five team members plays two games against each of the five opponent players). Here is our team:

    Janet Peterson
    Jean Moeckel
    Madge Smith
    Roselie Estey
    Vanessa Glover Evans

    We wish our team good luck and good chess!

    In addition ICCF-US has agreed to participate a Women's Olympiad if ICCF can get nine teams to commit. Ladies, this is a great chance to meet other chess player from at least eight countries!

    January 6, 2008


    Dick Vandenburg reports that he is organizing two new international matches, with the United Kingdom and Spain , both of which will be played 100% through the ICCF server. Both countries indicate they want to use the server only, without any of the games being played via email on the side. The UK match is set to begin on February 1 with Spain following March 1. Only members of CCLA and USCF are eligible to play on one or both of our teams (non-members are encouraged to join one of the two groups). Space depends upon whether we have room in the various rating classifications, except we will not give preference to players who participated in the now winding-down USA vs. Sweden match and ended with a 0-2 score. As with Sweden, most players will be rated between 2000 and 2500, although a few may be accepted down to 1700 or 1800. Two games will be played with each opponent (one with each color, of course) and players will be listed in order of their ratings, using ICCF ratings first, followed by either USCF or CCLA. We estimate the UK match will have about 30 players and Spain somewhere between 50 and 80. Also as with Sweden, the use of computers is permitted.

    If you are interested in playing in either match, please contact:
    Dick Vandenburg rsvandenburg@juno.com.

    January 1, 2008

    ICCF-US Secretary's Report -- ICCF-US Administration

    After more than ten years of outstanding service as Secretary to ICCF-US, Ruth Ann Fay retired last October. She continues to be a great help as I learn the ins and outs of ICCF and ICCF-US. Ruth Ann was also the North America Pacific Zone Director, and I will be continuing the dual role until we find someone who can dedicate theirself fully to take on the NAPZD duties.

    There are a number of volunteers supporting ICCF-US during this transition. Dan Perry is the new webmaster, with Franklin Campbell the back-up. Franklin is also TD for the 2nd World Server USCCC Final. Kristo Miettinen is organizing the USCCC17 Final, and will be the TD for the event. Bob Rizzo is keeping track of all the norms for IM, SIM, and GM titles. Michael Millstone is the Direct Entry coordinator for ICCF, and has been a great resource for how ICCF works. Jason Bokar has been the deputy NAPZ Director, and continues to provide help and advice. Brennan Price has volunteered to provide organizing support, as well as legal advice. Dick Vandenburg, CCLA President, is coordinating a friendly match against Sweden, soon to be followed by matches with England, Germany, Spain, and whoever else challenges us. And Alex Dunne and Joan DuBois of USCF have been providing support through publicity for ICCF events (and successes!).

    ICCF officials have been most helpful (and tolerant), especially Gino Figlio, Marco Caressa, Frank Geider, Eric Ruch, Gian-Maria Tani, Guido Bresadola, Pedro Hegoburu, President Med Samraoui, and Honorary President Alan Borwell.

    My objectives for the next several years are simple: help ICCF-US survive and thrive, providing an opportunity for American players to compete internationally at the highest levels. So the right way to end this note is to wish the best of luck to Jon Ostriker, David Myers, and Tim Murray as they start WC Finals in the next few months. Previous American World Champions Hans Berliner and Victor Palciauskus have led the way for all of us.

    Amici Sumus!
    Corky Schakel,
    ICCF-US Secretary

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