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Archive of ICCF-U.S. News for 2002
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19 December 2002: The 2nd Email USA CC Championship (USCCC) entries close on December 31, 2002. Ruth Ann Fay of the ICCF-U.S. office announced this extension of the closing date for entries to this great championship event, to be played entirely by email. For a full description of this event see April 4th Announcement. Don't miss an opportunity to play in this major championship event.

19 December 2002: The USA is participating in the final of the 14th CC Olympiad Final, which starts December 27, 2002. Read this announcement for a list of the teams competing and the players who are representing the USA in this prestigious team event. For more information see the Nov. 26th Announcement.

2 December 2002: Attention participants in past USCF Absolute Championships. Please read the announcement from the USCF Correspondence Chess Committee and the letter from USCF CC Director Joan DuBois: Announcement and Letter

29 November 2002: NAPZ Director Ralph Marconi has announced that the 1st NAPZ Email Championship has been won by IM James Skeels (USA) with an undefeated score of 11/14 in the final. Jason Bokar (USA) and Michael Millstone (USA) finish tied for second with 10/14.
Pertinent links: 1st NAPZ Email Championship Crosstable
and Jim Skeel's CCLA Portrait page

26 November 2002: ICCF-US announces the team line-up for the 14th Olympiad Final Round, also known as the 1st Email Olympiad. For full information read the 14th Olympiad Final Round Team Announcement

15 November 2002: The new "Top 51" rating list for USA players has been posted. New to the list are Keith Rodriguez and Robert Rizzo. See Top 51 List

10 November 2002: J. Franklin Campbell replaces Maurice Carter as Tournament Director in the 14th and 15th USCCC Preliminaries (IA Allen Wright remains as TD for one section in each event). Competitors should check the on-line crosstables and report any missing results (with full game scores). For any 14th USCCC Prelim. games still underway, the players should submit a status report to the new TD. If there are any outstanding issues, please notify Franklin Campbell at Contact the Webmaster
     14th USCCC Prelim Crosstables    15th USCCC Prelim Crosstables

8 November 2002: ICCF-US is pleased to announce the team for the 15th Olympiad Preliminary Round, also known as the 2nd Email Olympiad. For full information read the 15th Olympiad Preliminary Round Team Announcement

4 November 2002: The ICCF Thematics Office is looking for Tournament Directors who are fluent in English and have a good knowledge of at least one other ICCF official language, preferably German. The other languages are Spanish, French, and Russian. Interested volunteers should contact the ICCF-US Office.
4 November 2002: The 2nd Email U. S. Correspondence Chess Championship (USCCC) will start in January. If you want to play, now is the time to sign up! Entries close on December 15, 2002. For more information about this championship event see the original announcement: USCCC Tournament Announcement. If you want to challenge yourself by playing the best USA cc competitors for the title of USA Champion, sign up right away!
29 October 2002: A new page has been added to list USA Player Profiles posted at this site. So far only a few have been collected but, hopefully, additional ones will be added soon so you can meet our country's titled players. Player Profiles Page .
15 October 2002: Six USA cc competitors received IM and SIM titles during the annual ICCF Congress in Seixal, Portugal. For details see Seixal 2002 Titles Awarded to USA Players. Thanks to Grayling Hill for providing the photographs.
8 October 2002: The annual ICCF Congress is underway in Seixal, Portugal and runs October 5-12, 2002. For a few early photographs go to Seixal 2002 Photos . Thanks to Grayling Hill for providing the photographs.
2 October 2002: The 14th US Championship Final (14th USCCC) is now underway. It looks like a strong field. You can check the crosstable at the 14th USCCC Final page. Tony Albano, Edward Duliba and John R. Menke were nominated by their national federations to participate. The other players qualified from the preliminary round. The name of each of these qualifiers is linked to the crosstable page of his preliminary group.

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16 September 2002: ICCF 50th Anniversary Jubilee Book
"ICCF was established on 22nd March 1951, as the successor to ICCA and previously, ICSB/IFSB, which date back as far as 1928. ICCF is the official governing body for all forms of playing International Correspondence Chess worldwide, which embraces CC games, whether played by post. fax, Email or other methods of transmission. This 376-page book, is a celebration of its first 50 years and looks forwards to a very interesting future… "

Retail Price is $24, including shipping to US addresses. You can order your copy now using the ICCF-U.S. order form. It should be available for shipping on November 25, 2002. For more information about the book check ICCF's website at http://www.iccf.com

The closing date for entries for World Cup XIII has been extended to 31-Oct-2002. You can enter this event by sending your entry fee of $25 to ICCF-U.S. (please specify your preference of email or postal section). Full info at: World Cup XIII Announcement.

SIM John Timm (Dec 2001)

SIM John Timm
7 May 2002: ICCF-US is pleased to announce that SIM John Timm has qualified to enter the Final of the ICCF World Championship. His play in the XIX. 3/4-final, Section 3 also earned him a GM norm (link shows the most recent ICCF crosstable; Timm now has 11½ of 15, one game remaining). Please join us in extending our congratulations and best wishes for his continued success in the Final. You can read John Timm's Profile and view a John Timm 3/4-final win with notes by Timm.
20 April 2002: New on the About the ICCFpage: photosof many of the people who make it happen. Now you can put faces with all those USA and NAPZ tournament directors and national secretaries. Also, welcome new ICCF-Australia Secretary Tim Runting.
3 April 2002: ICCF-U.S. announces two new USA national championship tournaments, the 16th Postal USCCC (entries close July 15, 2002) and the 2nd Email USCCC (entries close December 15, 2002). For full information on these two upcoming events read the USCCC Tournament Announcement.
29 March 2002: The new ICCF-U.S. Order Form lists several additional events: the upcoming USCCC's and the World Cup XIII. The NAPZ 7-player sections are listed for both postal and e-mail sections (all classes: Master, Higher and Open). To order postal supplies or entries in these and other tournaments, check out the new order form. Go to the ICCF-US Store page to find the latest version.

New Top List posted. See USA Top 51.

28 March 2002: The April 2002 ICCF Rating List is now available at the ICCF Web Site (Click Here to open it in a new browser window). Game results reported 1 July 2001 to 31 Dec 2001 have now been rated. Download the excellent Eloquery program and files for complete rating information, including a terrific ratings forecasting component to see how projected future results could affect your rating! Thanks to ICCF Ratings Commissioner Gerhard Bender for rating more than 340,000 results.

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