October 20, 2017

ICCF-US Top 50 Rating List Updated

Using the 2017/4 ICCF ELO (player rating) lists [effective 1 October 17], Bob Rizzo ICCF-US Titles Officer has compiled the latest ICCF-US Top 50 Rated Active Players list [provided to the webmaster 14 September but not posted until now].

The biggest Rating Gainers from the previous list are:

For 2017/4 we have 2 new additions from the 2017/3 list.

Welcome to Kyle and Brian to the hallowed top 50 ratings! Congratulations to Eric for achieving top gainers list two consecutive months, to Kyle for making both lists and to Angel for rounding out the top gainers list.

To access the list choose "Lists" -> "Top50 Rating List" from the menu bar at the top of the main page.

As an added feature here are the Top 10 Rating Gainers from the entire ICCF-US membership:

Name 2017-2 2017-3 Change
Greig, Steve 2209215758
Owens, Johnny 2222227654
Thomas, Gerald K. 1868191749
Hendrich, Thomas 1808185547
Lipsits, Sasha 1828187446
Muljadi, Paul 2276232246
Kulick, Neil 2311235443
Nenneman, Daniel 2024206541
Fuller, Tom 1777181740
Nurmi, Ronald 1888192537