October 20, 2016

ICCF-US Has A New Look

Our website is undergoing renovation. The front page should now have a more modern look and feel with consistent and simplified menus, pagination and news digesting to keep the front page to a single page, a cleaner look and a little glitz in the form of a carousel of ICCF-US and NAPZ Officers. This is only the first step in updating our website as there are many more pages to clean up and much that can be undertaken to improve the look and feel.

In that vein, I am asking for input from the readers on the current changes. What do you like, dislike or have other suggestions about to help us shape the new look ICCF-US website. Are there elements you would like to see dropped, added or expandeded? Do you have something to contribute? Please let me know at Contact the Webmaster. I am looking forward to hearing from each of you.

Dan Perry, ICCF-US Webmaster