September 14, 2016

ICCF-US Friendly Matches Newsletter - Issue 17

The Friendly Post Issue 17 is now available for your reading enjoyment. You can access it using the link in the lefthand column on this web page. In this issue you will, of course, find the usual updates about each of the ongoing Friendly Matches (there are 21!), as well as the list of matches currently being organized.

Beyond the usual, there is a special treat in this issue. This issue is dedicated to certain kinds of accomplishments by literally 100 of you! Two of you even won a free entry to a Friendly Match. "Check" it all out!!

And if you find you want to participate in the Friendly Matches, and you are not one of the many who already are, please feel free to let me know! I need you to write to me to get yourself registered. The rest is quite easy. The full process is described in the newsletter.

Dennis Doren, ICCF-US Friendly Match Organizer